We are Victorius.

A NWOBHM / Thrash inspired band hailing from Dundee and Glasgow.

Starting in 2006, the band quickly made their way through the Scottish ranks, playing venues up and down the country and developing a solid fan base. In 2007 things really took off for the band and were invited to support acts such as 3 Inches of Blood, Skid Row, and Paradise Lost.

More interest was gained however, the band suffered a set back which then required a line up change. With a new guitarist joining the band, they continued on for a while playing gigs in and around Scotland, however it was not to be, and due to personal differences, the band parted ways with some members forming ‘Pariah’ and others going on to their respective life choices.

Fast forward to 2016, with the powers of Social Media, drummer Ryan Shepherd made contact with Vocalist and lead guitarist, John Brandon, and Bassist John Gibbons saying quite literally, “Lets get the band back together”. All 3 members jumped at it and within days were back in the studio relighting the fire. At this point, and still requiring a second guitarist, the band hired Arroll Kelly who stepped in and made the role his!

An application was made to Glasgows’ Metal to the Masses Tournament 2017. A series of gigs that led them to the finals and competing for a place to play at the Bloodstock Festival. It was not to be and the band narrowly lost out to ‘Titan Breed’. Following the run of gigs, unfortunately, Arroll had to quit the band to pursue a new life in the USA. Enter Stewart Kennedy.

Stewart joined the band and was thrown in at the deep end right away, gigging almost instantly. And since his appointment the band have went from strength to strength, playing up and down the UK. The band struck up a relationship with Dundee born warhorses ‘Satans Empire’. The bands played several dates together in London, Glasgow and Dundee which then led to Victorius being invited to play a festival in London in June 2019.

The band have since played gigs supporting Oliver Dawson Saxon, Absolva and have recently played the Wildfire showcase gig in Blackpool.

They have just released their debut 8 track album, ‘Rise From The Flames’.

The band have a few more things in the pipelines for next year after the Pandemic settles down and look to build on their experience and aim to play more festivals, and take part in bigger gigs by forming headline shows, and supporting major acts.

In the meantime, why not listen to some tracks on Spotify and watch some shows of Victorius in action on Youtube to get your fix of old school heavy metal! If you want to get in touch, email admin@victoriusmetal.co.uk