Victorius were formed back in 2007, keeping alive the old school heavy metal sounds. Winning over every crowd they played to, they soon found themselves supporting large acts such as Skid Row, Paradise Lost and 3 inches of Blood. With a growing momentum, Victorius hit creative differences and eventually split, and formed another band known as Pariah. They kept the pot boiling for a while as Pariah, but never fully realised the potential, with more line up changes here and there and then a hiatus for a number of years.

In January 2017 three quarters of the original Victorius line-up (John Brandon, John Gibbons and Ryan Shepherd) decided to get together and with the addition of a new rhythm guitarist (Arroll Kelly) the band rapidly played their way to the Metal to the Masses finals in Glasgow. This spurred them on to get back into the game and start writing new songs and work on recording an album. However, Arroll moved to the States leaving the band needing a new rhythm guitarist and some large shoes to fill. Stewart Kennedy filled the spot with ease and the Band was back to full strength.

While Victorius work on their new material, they have recently released an EP called “To The Death”, recorded at their drummer’s own “Strait up studios”, where they also rehearse. The EP contains new recordings of some older songs that are always crowd favourites at gigs. Looking to release their first Album at the start of 2019, Victorius are working hard in between gigs to keep the old school metal alive and well.

In the meantime, why not listen to some tracks on Spotify and watch some shows of Victorius in action on Youtube to get your fix of old school heavy metal! If you want to get in touch, email